Luxury Home Building

Cantabria Homes specializes in building luxury estates for clients that want one-of-a-kind homes that perfectly suit their important lifestyles. We make building a new home easy. Building a new luxury home may seem dauntingly complicated, but Cantabria Homes has created a system whereby the owner can be involved at every step of the process, from Design to Finish, no matter where they live. We'll do the same for you. From land search and site planning through home design, interior design, lighting design, landscape design, construction, and the finishing touches, we provide it all to you. Most importantly, we understand that it is your hard-earned money that we are managing on your behalf, much like your portfolio manager does – with ROI in mind. The end result will be... your perfect, individual, luxury estate.

Remodeling and Renovation

In today’s marketplace, sometimes location and conveniences are driving factors in why someone falls in love with a home. Whether it be buying a home in the perfect location that needs your touches on it, or updating your current home as your lifestyle changes, Cantabria Homes’ Remodel Division can help you achieve your goals to make the home meet your current needs and desires. Cantabria Homes brings its expertise and relationships from building new luxury estates to remodel existing properties. Our remodel experts specialize in whole-house renovations as well as additions. From design to completion, Cantabria Homes Remodel Team can transform your home into what you envision it to be to fit your current lifestyle.

Light Commercial Construction

Many of our clients move their business locations and need to have tenant improvements done before occupying their new spaces. Cantabria Homes understands the unique needs of commercial construction. Our economical, technology-driven design and construction processes will help maximize your return on investment. Our extensive experience in custom building assures that the end product will match your business requirements down to the final detail.
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